Admission to XXXVII Cycle (2021)

This page provides information to the ITEE applicants on the selection process, on the type and number of available positions (including positions reserved to applicants from abroad), and on the thematic positions as they become available, possibly even after the official call for applications published on the University web site, yet before the completion of the applicants' selection process.

During the 2021 selection process, news for applicants will be published in this page (admission to oral exams, intermediate and final rankings, etc.)


The activation of the XXXVII Cycle of the ITEE Program (beginning: academic year 2021-2022) is subject to accreditation by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research (ANVUR).


*** NEWS ***



Link to the official UNINA web page with the call for foreign applicants and the link to the application form


*** This page is for mere information and integration of the post call available positions. ***

*** Refer to the official Call for details and to the UNINA official web page for the application form ***


Unina PhD 2021 Call for foreign applicants

Unina PhD 2021 Call for foreign applicants - ATTACHMENT-A


Applicants need NOT to contact a supervisor before applying.

Applicants need NOT to submit a research proposal.

Foreign applicants with a MSc degree released by a University abroad apply to the reserved positions with scholarship (see below).


The number and categories of available positions are listed below in this page.

Two positions are reserved to applicants from abroad (see below for requirements).

The selection process will consist of two steps:

      - evaluation of CV, publications and other titles of each applicant;

      - oral exam (online).

The selection process does NOT require the presentation of a research proposal.

Current MSc students who will gain their MSc degree (or equivalent) within October 31, 2021 can apply.


Application deadline:  May 27th 2021 12 p.m. (CET)

Clarification note: The ITEE selection process DOES NOT require the presentation of a research proposal along with the other documents to be sent (after filling the application form by the deadline established in the Call) .

Selection: June-July 2021 (interviews for applicants admitted to oral exam not earlier than July 6th, 2021)

37th cycle activities' start date: November 1st, 2021





Prof.        Amedeo ANDREOTTI - Università Federico II - Napoli

Dr. Ing.   Alessio BOTTA - Università Federico II - Napoli

Prof.        Mario CESARELLI - Università Federico II - Napoli

Prof.        Adriano PERON - Università Federico II - Napoli

Prof.        Stefano RUSSO - Università Federico II - Napoli


Categories and number of available positions / scholarships for the ITEE PhD 37th cycle

The complete list of available PhD positions includes:

A) positions directly supported by the Federico II University ("institutional positions"): 

   A1) positions with doctoral scholarships ("generic scholarships"): for 2021, there are two positions reserved to applicants from abroad (see below);

   A2) positions without doctoral scholarships.

   The research themes of the institutional positions (with or without scholarship) shall be defined by the ITEE PhD Board

B) positions with doctoral scholarships funded by external companies or research institutions, or by university departments on specific projects ("thematic positions")

   For thematic positions, the scholarships are generally related to specific research topics ("thematic scholarships")  

   The list of thematic scholarships is reported below.

   External private or public companies or research institutions may finance further thematic scholarships,

   signing specific agreements with the Federico II University.


ITEE 37th cycle - available positions (more thematic positions will listed in the table below as they become available before the selection process):

A) Institutional positions

  A1) Positions with generic scholarships:  

    - 6 not-reserved positions;

    - 1 position with scholarship reserved to applicants who have received their MSc degree (or equivalent) in a foreign country;

    - 1 position with scholarship reserved to applicants who have received their MSc degree (or equivalent) in a foreign country AND

       are NOT resident in Italy.

  A2) Positions without scholarship: 

    - 3 not-reserved positions;

    - 1 reserved position.

B) Thematic positions:

    - from 11 to 13 not-reserved positions


List of thematic scholarships for the 37th cycle (2021):

  Research theme

Funding company / 

Funding project

Principal Investigator




Wavefront control in telescope projects based on active and adaptive optics

INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte

Prof. Stefania Santini


2 Functional Safety in Managed NAND Embedded Systems  Micron Semiconductor Italia Prof. Anna Rita Fasolino   1


 Intelligent mobility infrastructures based on IoT e AI Hitachi Rail STS   Prof. Nicola Mazzocca



Digital technologies for Industry 4.0, embedded systems and federated learning for railway applications

Hitachi Rail STS Prof. Nicola Mazzocca



Deepfake detection

Department of Industrial Engineering - UniNA Prof. Giovanni Poggi, Prof. Luisa Verdoliva



Modeling and characterization of wide bandgap power semiconductor devices

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies - UniNA Prof. Andrea Irace, Prof. Gianluca Breglio



Semi-autonomous Interaction Control of Robotic Systems

 Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies - UniNA Prof. Bruno Siciliano



 Artificial Intelligence Few Shot Learning methods and applications Leonardo S.p.A. TBD 


10  Autonomous navigation in GPS denied enviroment (ANV Alternative Navigation) Leonardo S.p.A. TBD 



 Low and high fidelity modeling of future generation batteries and supercapacitors Leonardo S.p.A. Prof. Ciro Attaianese 



TBD Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l'Informatica (CINI) TBD




Machine Learning per l’analisi dei dati e la caratterizzazione di sistemi

Envision S.r.l.

Prof. Nicola Pasquino   




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